Silicon anode material for lithium-ion batteries

Car buyers demand vehicles with long range and fast charging rate at reasonable costs. E-magy provides the advanced anode material for the automotive supply chain to make lithium-ion batteries that meet those demands.

The material is a uniquely structured porous silicon, tailored for use in high performance lithium-ion batteries. It comes in the form of 5-micron sized silicon particles with a nano-scale sponge structure.

With E-magy silicon material instead of graphite as active anode material, batteries enjoy:

High capacity

Energy density increase by 40% on battery pack level

Fast charging

Up to 5 times faster charging

Long lifetime

No impact on lifetime


E-magy uses low-cost raw materials and utilizes an efficient silicon crystallization process combined with industry-standard post-processing steps


The powder consists of nano-porous, micron-sized particles and is designed to be compatible with existing processes and installed equipment base for slurry preparation and foil coating

High volume

A pilot facility is in place and the process is easily scalable to units of 1000 ton/year

Clean product

The raw materials are abundantly available and the production process is closed-loop with minimal waste products