Batteries for the future

Electric cars, energy storage systems and mobile appliances like mobile phones, tablets and other electric tools increasingly require better batteries. Higher capacity, faster charging, lower cost, safe and sustainable materials are demands for future batteries.


Innovation by E-magy

E-magy has developed an innovative material for Li-ion batteries. Already E-magy material is produced at industrial scale using a proprietary technology. E-magy nano porous silicon material replaces  the current graphite anode and provides a solution for the future battery demands.



Proprietary nano sponge particle

E-magy material has unique properties, well suited for anodes of Li-ion batteries. The material consists of nano porous particles, resulting in a very fine silicon skeleton in the particle. Just like a sponge can absorb water, E-magy material can be charged and discharged in batteries without swelling. This is a vital property for anode materials.


More Information

A technical description of the performance of E-magy material can be found here.

Download the productsheet of E-magy material here.